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Is It Sarah Palin? If So, It Could Be A Brilliant Transformative Choice -- Or A Disaster

    The early stories are indicating that John McCain may have selected Sarah Palin, the first-term governor of Alaska, to be his running mate. If true, McCain has made a very bold choice -- with both high upsides and downsides. As a woman with terrific appeal to working class voters, she adds excitement and transformative appeal to the McCain candidacy. The party and convention will love her. She will appeal to the Hillary Democrats. And, she should have electoral appeal in some key swing western states such as Nevada.

    The downside is that she is completely untested and new -- though not really that much more so, really, than Barack Obama himself. Is she ready to be president? It's not apparent she is at first glance.

    All in all, if true -- and if the choice works out in the weeks ahead (a big "if") -- it's a potential stunning game-changer. And it's just what McCain needed (as we wrote earlier) to get his week rolling.



  • Bill11inBeantown said:

    One thought - it would seem in naming Gov. Palin as VP choice, Sen. McCain gives voters a choice to make "history" with his ticket, as well as Sen. Obama.  As I saw here in Massachusetts, many voters cross-lines to be "part of history" - perhaps Sen. McCain has blunted the force of Obama and the cross-over voters for "history sake"?  A bit different than Mondale and Ferraro, where, yes, you would have been voting for a historic choice, BUT, there was no competing "historic figure" or competing choice on the other side (Reagan/Bush).

    On aother point, perhaps her inexperience makes McCain look more experienced (ala Dan Quayle and GHW Bush) and is less than a liability than we think?

    Just a thought, not too many have expressed.

    August 29, 2008 11:50 AM
  • Kelly in Michigan said:

    Bold choice or the most ultimate pandering?  This choice of such an unqualified person is insulting to women.  I've made my choice officially for Obama.  McCain has lost me with his repeated failures in judgment.  

    August 29, 2008 1:05 PM
  • LorenzoJennifer said:

    John McCain may be making a subtle statement in comparing Barack Obama with Sarah Palin - - - an attractive 40-something candidate with limited experience may be better suited to be vice-president than to be president.  Looking at Sarah - - not hard to do, right, guys? - - reinforces doubts about Barack's youth and inexperience.  Sarah satisfies and mollifies the rightie's demand that McCain select someone who is a true blue, er, true red conservative. Sarah's resume includes her being a reformer inside the Alaska GOP, a strong link to McCain's maverick image.  She's a working mom whose youngest child was born in April 2008 with Down Syndrome. Her circumstances will appeal to a large number of voters.  Probably a tom-boy as a kid, her sports referenced biography reminds one of Lauren Bacall's song in the musical 'Applause', "She's one of the girls who's one of the boys."  Probably a fun and kick-ass person to hang with.  McCain succeeded in stealing the spotlight away from Obama on the day after the Democratic Convention concluded.  Will be interesting to see how Sarah matches up in her Vice Presidential debate with the older, experienced and articulate Joe Biden.  Could be a repeat of the VP debate between Dan Quayle and Lloyd Bentsen (1988) when Bentsen leveled Quayle after Quayle compared himself to John F. Kennedy - - - "Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine and, Senator Quayle, you're no Jack Kennedy."  Sarah, unlike the overmatched Quayle, is smarter than the average Alaska bear.

    August 30, 2008 4:40 PM

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