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Bill Clinton: Addicted to Love?

This has been a convention successfully choreographed down to the last second. That includes the music: When Michelle Obama had finished Monday night the band played "Isn't She Lovely." Last night, at the end, it was "We are Family."

So, how high up in the Obama campaign did the order come to play "Addicted to Love" at the end of Bill Clinton's speech last night? It looked at first glance Wednesday as if the Clintons and Obama were headed to a useful truce. This may set things back a bit.

[Song begins just after 5:00 mark below] 

  • MSD said:

    We noticed this too, and shame on whoever made that choice.

    It's the subtle messages that make the most psychological impact.

    The music, by the way, has been pretty cheesy throughout the convention. "Mickey-Mousing it" all the way, actually.

    With all the talent in the world at their disposal, whoever did those arrangements and many of the musical choices....very disappointing to say the least.

    The Obama thing is getting to be more of a coronation every minute and the adulation element is disturbing.

    This isn't going to be good for him or the administration he will head in the long run--but it does show how much pent-up need there is in the country to have someone with brains, talent, soul, and a command of the English language in the lead slot.

    Speaking of that, it's actually been a simple, overwhelming pleasure to revel in the talents of speakers from Dennis Kucinich ("Wake up, America!" -- that was classic) to Hillary and Bill and Joe Biden...etc....who actually speak well, eloquently, and with brilliant intelligence, humor, and clarity. They all rocked in their own ways, didn't they?

    Let's just hope it evens out, is all, to a more realistic level of support.

    August 28, 2008 7:58 AM
  • LorenzoJennifer said:

    Concerned about the timing of the conventions.  Democrats are meeting in the last week of August, traditionally a time when most folks are finishing their summer vacation at the beach or the mountains far away from any political concerns.  Most everybody's back from vacation next week, more seriously interested in politics after Labor Day week-end than before and the Republicans will at least have a larger TV, internet, newspaper and radio audiences available. First time that one convention will follow the other so closely. There's usually a "bounce" in the polls for a candidate after a convention concludes. The close timing, though, complicates that and gives the Republicans time to jump all over the Obama-Biden ticket as it seeks to gain traction among the electorate.

    August 28, 2008 9:30 AM

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