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Edwards Is Quitting Presidential Race

    John Edwards is ending his presidential race today. How it affects the Democratic race is anyone's guess -- though it's likely not to have a major impact. The truth is that Edwards didn't have a lot of support left in the Super Tuesday states, except, perhaps, in the south, and even there it was only around 15% or even less. So, while this could help Obama (which is the common assumption), that's hardly a sure thing.

  • LorenzoJennifer said:

    Have heard that Edwards is holding onto his delegates.  They're probably his only negotiating chit as his political career is at a dead end. Had he run and been re-elected to the North Carolina senate seat in 2004 - and he could have under that state's constitution - he'd likely still be a viable candidate.  Four years out of the public eye is an eternity in the age of the 'Net. He's now a private citizen with no public office connections. Interestingly, he plans to work for Habitats for Humanity - where former President Jimmy Carter is involved.  Edwards can only hope to negotiate some deal for himself with either Hillary or Barack and pledge his delegates to that candidate.  Then again, his delegates may dump him as he's no longer a candidate.  Can he negotiate with nothing?  "Sometimes, nuthin's a real cool hand" said Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke.  Not when you're negotiating with the Clintons, Luke!

    January 31, 2008 3:06 AM

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