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New Newsweek Poll Shows GOP in Trouble and Helps Hillary

    Newsweek came out with a new presidential poll over the weekend and the real news in it is that every major Democratic contender beats every major Republican contender handily, with or without Michael Bloomberg in the race. Early polls mean little in terms of their predictive value. But this poll, at least for now, is likely to bolster the campaign of Hillary Clinton, since one of the strongest arguments that her opponents have been using against her is that they are more electable than she is.
    They are right, of course, but it's hard to make the argument in the face of surveys like this.

  • LorenzoJennifer said:

    "Hillary being unelectable" is a mantra bordering on a wished-for self-fulfilling prophecy.  OK, I'll bite - she has a lot to overcome. Hillary campaigns from the center to the left on the political spectrum. Critiques are of her personality and, to a less intense extent, her politics. She projects a mannish appearance with her pantsuits, minimal make-up, no jewelry and unremarkable hair - compare, say, to Nancy Pelosi and, in New York, Jeannine Pirro. Hillary appears gender-neutral.  She's the fave of women voters aged 18-34, historically, the demographic least likely to actually vote. Career women, businesswomen and professionals are likely strong supporters as Hillary would crack the ultimate glass ceiling - the Presidency.  Women voters over 60 are unlikely supporters as are conventional and traditional ladies.  Her putting up with Bill's serial philandering has angered many women though not many men.  She made a pact with the devil - Bill humiliated her in front of the entire world in the Monica affair and she stood by her man since he gave her continued participation in White House matters and pledged full support of her own campaigns as he has, in fact, been doing since the 2000 NY Senate race. To men voters, she is the candidate they love to hate and hate to love. There are many men who will not vote for a woman presidential candidate - period. She comes across as strong-minded, serious and staunch with no charisma. Hillary, by all accounts, is personally formal, chilly and distant - the complete opposite of her partner.  

    Yet, in this era of legacy candidates, the Democratic presidential nomination is hers to lose. She was the participant-observer as Bill successfully sought nomination and re-nomination, election and re-election in 1992 and '96.  She is by far the most experienced first-time candidate ever.  Yet, projecting beyond the 2008 nomination and toward the general election, she appears a divider, not a uniter.  People love her or hate her and a candidate, to win the White House, needs the third way - the undecided, independent and cross-over voter.  Her political skills in reversing a negative public opinion of her may spell victory or defeat in November 2008.

    June 26, 2007 2:36 AM

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