Anal Cunt kicks off national tour at Church; Seth Putnam offers "Professional Services"

Speaking of things risen from the dead, ANAL CUNT's Seth Putnam is back and evidently better than ever. Last year he took the original AC lineup on a tour performing the group's pre-1991 scumfuck output; now he's put together an A.C. all-star lineup (Tim Morse on drums, Josh Martin on guitar) for a greatest-hits tour that kicks off tonight at Church.They'll be "combining classics from the band’s most popular and loved-to-hate favorites, along with BRAND NEW releases that (true to form) move AxCx in yet another odious new direction…burning out HOT NEW TRAXXX that will get fists flying high from both fans and posers alike!  You’re stupid girlfriend will probably even like it, but don’t’re parents will still hate it all."

"Hott new traxxx?" From A.C.? We're taking a video camera. Check back next week for the goods.Presumably some of these will wind up on the next A.C. album, Wearing Out Our Welcome, slated to be recorded as soon as the band gets back from the tour.

Putnam has also relaunched his online record label/distro under the name Wicked Sick Records, which touts a bunch of releases coming soon, including the return of Impaled Northern Moon Forest -- the Spinal Tap of black metal -- plus a double-LP entitled The Worst of Seth Putnam, and a ton of AC vinyl reissues.

Even more promising, there's a new section on the Wicked Sick page entitled "Professional Services": it appears Seth Putnam is now in the consulting business. He's touting everything from music lessons, album design, and session work to full-service music production and band management."Packages available include expert advice for as little as an hour to providing long-term/ongoing guidance," the site reads. "WSR stresses that we are offering up our 20+ years experience in the underground music industry to help your band establish, present, and promote itself without losing YOUR unique style, and to help you find the perfect sound for YOUR band." We're thinking of starting a band just to take him up on it.


1999: In which I interview Seth, we run into Mike Watt, Seth tells Watt the internet is gay, Seth randomly knocks a woman down, and I argue that Anal Cunt are absolutely not as harmless as the Village Voice seems to think

2005: Seth talks about what it was like to be in a coma, and recounts the insanely fucked-up story of how he smoked a bunch of crack, decided to kill himself with a heroin hotshot, changed his mind, and then accidentally OD'd on sleeping pills

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